Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson is the man and when I say man I don't mean a villain in a blacksploitation film I mean like ole timey slang when it used to mean cool guy or whatever. Ron Swanson is a character in one the funniest shows on TV right now Parks and Recreation. I am a huge fan and I love Parks and Rec. but I seem to be in the minority(it was sorta semi-canceled for a while) which is unfortunate because it's super funny and America hates Funny(Case in point Two and a Half Men would have been on forever if it weren't for Charlie Sheen's career/life self-destruct but I digress)

Side Tangent I'll try to clean it up and ink it later too preoccupied with family stuff right now.

3/13/2011 (5:56PM) Update:
Eh, it came out ok I guess but I just couldn't get into the grove of inking today, maybe I'll redo the whole thing from scratch and redeem myself in the future.

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