Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Good Will Goes A Mighty Long Way

It's rained for most of March, I am lethargic and haven't shaved in 7 or so days, I look stupid. I grow facial hair just like Jeff Tweedy from Wilco which is to say I shouldn't not shave and I look ridiculous. Why Do I bring this up, I don't know to try to convey an image of how I've been I guess? Anyways the mood is bleak the days are awful and my productivity(doing what?) has slowed down to a somehow slower crawl. I've drawn a bit but not much outside of class work and something in a couple of sketchbooks or whatever I dunno.

Ok, I feel I like a total bummer as I write this and that is not what I'd like to do the original point of this post was I digitally painted that drawing of a bird I did some time back. I didn't know what to write in that word ballon and was annoyed but eventually I thought about some words of wisdom I've been living by "A little good will goes a mighty long way." I heard it in a Ted Leo and the Pharmacist song, Bottled in Cork which has a mad hysterical video to accompany it. Now I don't know if Ted Leo or one of the Pharmacist it wrote like of there own heads or it's quote from some writer I'm unaware of because I'm a simpleton or just an old saying. Either way it's a good way to live life by and when I first heard that track I thought yes, this speaks to me. Advice I can live by, now honestly what "A little good will goes a mighty long way," was instilled not because I'm some terrible asshole or anything not that I can't be an asshole but those words feel real to me. I dunno maybe I ramble to long about nothing and am just being silly or whatever.

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