Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chimps and dip

"Oye chico dame todo tu deinro y tu cell "
My Spanish is kinda sketchy but roughly translated is:
"Hey kid give me all your money and cell"

Not too keen on conspiracy theories or the folks who refuse to shut the fuck up about'em but I'm a firm believer that The Planet of the Apes films where more than just sci-fi films but a forewarning what may come. Them monkeys(When I type that I hear a southern fellow who quite possibly lives in a trailer park and has a ghost costume but i digress) from the those movies scare the poop outta me which if given the opportunity I should probably fling at them before they strike first maybe? I dunno a planet run by apes is not comforting much too worried for Charlton Heston but hey he does get to kick it with the foxy mute Nova so there's that. Anyways what was my point again? Oh right gun prevention very much in favor of chimps not being able purchase guns.
Among with many things I struggle drawing guns.

Ok on the real I drew this chimp with a gun inspired by this hilarious picture of a chimp with gun except by the time I was done with it I thought I drew him kinda hispanic looking(it's ok I'm possibly hispanic maybe or whatever it is we call ourselves so no harm no foul there) so I drew a word bubble and a couple of accidents later I posted this little scribbles, yeah alrighty the moving along.

On the bottom are pencils and early inks check it.

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