Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Thoughts Scanning Through?

I had some projects that I set myself up to do earlier this year and I never got around to doing most of them and the ones I did do failed miserably. What I learned from those experiences is to not tell anyone or make any real mentions of ideas etc with people till most of its done or else peeps are gonna be like so whatever happened to that book thing? or whatever I dunno don't sell something till the product is done and or doesn't suck.

I bought a scanner in late 2008 maybe and It's come to my attention that i still don't quite understand it. Dpi's still kinda confuses me and all I know is that I don't really understand technology. I bring this up because I always lose quality (what quality ... shut up insecure voices) in my scribz when I post'em any ways whatever. It's Summer 2010 sometime has passed and I don't think I've evolved changed or become any better at well anything. So in good faith I can't continue this series of being whack.

The only way I think I could remedy this era of not being awesome is to take some classes at not being so whack. So I guess I'm a gonna get some schooling.

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