Monday, August 30, 2010


My very first moment in which I decided to draw was a long time ago when I was young drawing cars, robots, and cars that transformed into robots. It hasn't been an easy hobby for me I remember always being extremely private about the whole thing mostly based in fear. I can recall moments were I was shitted on by peers in school who said I sucked. They were right but it's those moments I wish I could relive and do differently with either verbal retort of some science or punch their stupid faces a million times because that hurts why would you say that? The intention there isn't to improve or to motivate there are ways for to do that but those weren't it. To this day those moments in time are like my bad war flashbacks(exaggerations but so be it) and its painful to look back, heck I dunno I'm still very gunshy about this whole drawing thing and its almost cost me this hobby I once enjoyed.

Broken but its ok.
Woke Up can't find No direction

Another fine day.

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