Monday, August 16, 2010

Stuff That is Awesome Vol. 1

Today I really wanna talk about something that is awesome so in a trivial fashion I offer a new series of segments called: Stuff That is Awesome. I know its quite possibly the greatest and most creative title for a feature ever. Well Without further ado


Nedroid Picture Diary
Nedroid Picture Diary found at the URL is an amusing lighthearted rump of a comic I cant get enough of it. If you looked up awesome in a dictionary you'd get a link to this comic of course it would work best if that dictionary is of the electronic variety to read it. I can get lost in it forever the humor just hits me so many levels of goodness. The strip I can only assume is written on some golden quill with most stunning of plumage because its just pure gold.

The art it's self sparks great simple dynamic lines that is just solid cartooning and sometimes the level of how good the art is evokes the candor touchstones of a Peanuts comic or Calvin and Hobbes Sunday strip.

I implore everyone to hit the random button on the main site and just enjoy because more likely than not your gonna love it.

It's hard not like Reginald, he's a character.

I first stumbled upon this gem over a year ago on LiveJournal not sure how the ordeal occurred but I did stumbled upon it and I'm grateful to for time wasting nature of killing time online. Weird?

Side Notes: In short, Anthony Clark (is this the first mention of his name?) must be cool a dude because Nedroid is Dope Comic available on the web like some kind of internet based web comic strip thing... a webcomic yeah that's the ticket.

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