Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chimps and dip

"Oye chico dame todo tu deinro y tu cell "
My Spanish is kinda sketchy but roughly translated is:
"Hey kid give me all your money and cell"

Not too keen on conspiracy theories or the folks who refuse to shut the fuck up about'em but I'm a firm believer that The Planet of the Apes films where more than just sci-fi films but a forewarning what may come. Them monkeys(When I type that I hear a southern fellow who quite possibly lives in a trailer park and has a ghost costume but i digress) from the those movies scare the poop outta me which if given the opportunity I should probably fling at them before they strike first maybe? I dunno a planet run by apes is not comforting much too worried for Charlton Heston but hey he does get to kick it with the foxy mute Nova so there's that. Anyways what was my point again? Oh right gun prevention very much in favor of chimps not being able purchase guns.
Among with many things I struggle drawing guns.

Ok on the real I drew this chimp with a gun inspired by this hilarious picture of a chimp with gun except by the time I was done with it I thought I drew him kinda hispanic looking(it's ok I'm possibly hispanic maybe or whatever it is we call ourselves so no harm no foul there) so I drew a word bubble and a couple of accidents later I posted this little scribbles, yeah alrighty the moving along.

On the bottom are pencils and early inks check it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Good Will Goes A Mighty Long Way

It's rained for most of March, I am lethargic and haven't shaved in 7 or so days, I look stupid. I grow facial hair just like Jeff Tweedy from Wilco which is to say I shouldn't not shave and I look ridiculous. Why Do I bring this up, I don't know to try to convey an image of how I've been I guess? Anyways the mood is bleak the days are awful and my productivity(doing what?) has slowed down to a somehow slower crawl. I've drawn a bit but not much outside of class work and something in a couple of sketchbooks or whatever I dunno.

Ok, I feel I like a total bummer as I write this and that is not what I'd like to do the original point of this post was I digitally painted that drawing of a bird I did some time back. I didn't know what to write in that word ballon and was annoyed but eventually I thought about some words of wisdom I've been living by "A little good will goes a mighty long way." I heard it in a Ted Leo and the Pharmacist song, Bottled in Cork which has a mad hysterical video to accompany it. Now I don't know if Ted Leo or one of the Pharmacist it wrote like of there own heads or it's quote from some writer I'm unaware of because I'm a simpleton or just an old saying. Either way it's a good way to live life by and when I first heard that track I thought yes, this speaks to me. Advice I can live by, now honestly what "A little good will goes a mighty long way," was instilled not because I'm some terrible asshole or anything not that I can't be an asshole but those words feel real to me. I dunno maybe I ramble to long about nothing and am just being silly or whatever.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Writing

I've always considered myself a bit of a decent anecdote reciter or semi interesting yarn spinner or what have you but, don't often write about the process of of it because its convoluted and more or less dull.  Story telling is a huge part of my human condition as it's probably for many I assume. I'm a known talker in fact I've spent my whole life's career being told to shut the fuck up but I digress, I love entertaining.  I get a huge kick out of creating something out of nothing usually on the fly but I very rarely get around to writing it down so it's for the most part gone forever(slight exaggeration) anyways that whole nonsense was to get to my point(really?), writing. I try my best to write more in fact I think I write too often but shit I'm not organized.  I write in notebooks, napkins, scraps of paper or whatever have you and beside my lack of organization in my totally learned that my penmanship is atrocious and maybe what I think is funny drunk at 2:45 in the morning is not funny later.

Permanently on my to do list is to suck less at writing and fake it like a pro.  What proceeds is something I wrote some years ago also I used to fancy myself to be deep or some shit so looking back what I wrote is gibberish but I laugh so I guess there's that.

Lost in...

A story about aimless wandering.

You could walk all the way to space or the heavens and never find any happiness.

An Odyssey of empty feelings

(More after the cut but why?)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Bang

This is the dawning of the day of the over sharing of things from the ole sketch book. A lot of it is from here and or there or whatever I dunno. Oh and yeah I drew my dog, I don't care I think it's swell the plus the dang mutt just kinda grew on me. Back to the matter at hand though I didn't know what to do today felt kinda bummed out and I decided to post something I guess so I did, yeah ok.

 More of the same after the cut.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson is the man and when I say man I don't mean a villain in a blacksploitation film I mean like ole timey slang when it used to mean cool guy or whatever. Ron Swanson is a character in one the funniest shows on TV right now Parks and Recreation. I am a huge fan and I love Parks and Rec. but I seem to be in the minority(it was sorta semi-canceled for a while) which is unfortunate because it's super funny and America hates Funny(Case in point Two and a Half Men would have been on forever if it weren't for Charlie Sheen's career/life self-destruct but I digress)

Side Tangent I'll try to clean it up and ink it later too preoccupied with family stuff right now.

3/13/2011 (5:56PM) Update:
Eh, it came out ok I guess but I just couldn't get into the grove of inking today, maybe I'll redo the whole thing from scratch and redeem myself in the future.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Been Watching the news all day...

Keep the land of the rising sun in my mind and have positive thoughts. I thought about cartoons for some reason I guess that's my biggest connection to Japan but nevertheless positive thoughts.

If you can please donate(I know times can be tough) but please donate.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


So March = March MODOK Madness, or at least that is what the Internets has informed me. So I was more than stoked to doodle up one of the coolest villains ever created. Here are some results also over here is an old doodle of MODOK from a year ago on a blog I quickly abandoned, also notice if you check it out how much I've improved?! In one year I've gonna from being awful to less so(maybe?), so that's a W for me.

Huh well yeah ok. 

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What the Hell Would a bird Say?

Seriously, what the hell would a bird say? I did this little drawing this last weekend out of the blue and I kinda like it but I have no idea what I'd fill in the word bubble with, hmm. Also I am certain I'm not done with this drawing not till I get to say something and maybe also add some colour.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wadda Ya Lookin At?

Due to some Financial issues and some reoccurring insecurity I haven't really been posting as regularly or at least it feels that way to me.  So I've taken sometime out of my busy day to post some old shizzle. Anyways yeah um ok whateves.

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