Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Writing

I've always considered myself a bit of a decent anecdote reciter or semi interesting yarn spinner or what have you but, don't often write about the process of of it because its convoluted and more or less dull.  Story telling is a huge part of my human condition as it's probably for many I assume. I'm a known talker in fact I've spent my whole life's career being told to shut the fuck up but I digress, I love entertaining.  I get a huge kick out of creating something out of nothing usually on the fly but I very rarely get around to writing it down so it's for the most part gone forever(slight exaggeration) anyways that whole nonsense was to get to my point(really?), writing. I try my best to write more in fact I think I write too often but shit I'm not organized.  I write in notebooks, napkins, scraps of paper or whatever have you and beside my lack of organization in my totally learned that my penmanship is atrocious and maybe what I think is funny drunk at 2:45 in the morning is not funny later.

Permanently on my to do list is to suck less at writing and fake it like a pro.  What proceeds is something I wrote some years ago also I used to fancy myself to be deep or some shit so looking back what I wrote is gibberish but I laugh so I guess there's that.

Lost in...

A story about aimless wandering.

You could walk all the way to space or the heavens and never find any happiness.

An Odyssey of empty feelings

(More after the cut but why?)

Chapter 1
Less than Zero

It's dark, the room smells of BO, half full bottle of Jack Daniels lays next to a magazines filled with women with low self esteem for dudes with even lower esteem.

Starring aimlessly at the ceiling nothing but the dark. An empty bottle of what once was, well that doesn't matter it's already been done the scars no longer bleed.

Chapter 2
Infinite is Always?

Time no longer seems to be and it's still fucking dark.

How did it lead to this? Wait a sec how the fuck did I get here? Who the fuck am I?

A nonentity appears a manifestation of the dark.

A glance between the two commences time is an idea no longer in play but the silence is broken
"um, can you talk"
Nothing "no"
"Yes, no"
"wait what? I clear heard you respond"
No you didn't
Yes you did I heard you clearly were communicating.

No, I never said anything and neither did you only what u interpret as communication but I'm not really saying anything and neither are you.

Um, ok?
Do you know your name?
What of course I... No I don't think I even know who I am or was.

That's unfortunate because that was the only way to out nothing.
Nothing your in nothing.
I'm in nothing?
Yes are you stupid?
I'm not sure.
Do you want to know?
Can I, wait who the fuck are you?
I already told you and if you want out of nothing you need to know your name.
Can you tell me?
I don't know that answer.
So what now
There is no now, then, or later
That's nonsense
No it nothing.

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