Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rookie of the Year

(Quick study; Sketchbook Pro(the newest version))

Hey new it's new year huh well today I was supposed to be in class but it was canceled due to lack of interest, not enough students signed up hence class was canceled for the spring inters-session so I had some free time.

Anyhows I felt that I hadn't drawn enough football sketches lately which is shame because I love football and I like drawing.

Russel Wilson is in my opinion rookie of the year, watching the Seahawks play this year has been fantastic and considering the draft class it as a difficult pick to make. Number 3 is legit I get the feeling he's going to be one of those guys who will be around a long time.

Now the drawing was done kind of quick and the digital coloring was done in that way I add color to most of my drawings quick not very good and painful for my hand. I realized, I very rarely use my wacom tablet anymore it hurts my hand too much what with my arthritis and junk. So yeah I was just derping about and I saw my that wacom tablet was just collecting dust so decided to use it and this is what I did my hand hurts too but whatever.

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