Sunday, January 6, 2013

Picking up the Pieces

Alright 2013, two zero one three right on new year new something or other.

Some of these doodles come notebook/sketchbook for one of my classes.  I have noticed very few pages were actually packed with notes for said class just a bunch of doodles and when notes for said class were taken they were well not easy for me to decipher, my penmanship is atrocious.  

I have some proof that I did ok in the color theory course... well I passed I don't think I was all that great of a student.  I mean at best lower to middle of the pack btw thats how I do.  I'll probably post more stuff from that class once I find it all right now I'm organizing my and failing at it but I'm also organizing my room and semester worth of work. I dunno whatever anyhows yeah blogging! hmmm yeah I guess.

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