Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Wacom Tablet Go!

So I got this in the mail the other day, a new Wacom tablet well golly Favian your moving on up after 4 or so years of using my trusty if not sometimes frustrating Graphire4 tablet.

My Graphire4 tablet was my main way of drawing on a computer or whatever.  I bought it like in September or October of 2007 at a best buy for 20 dollars.  It was odd because I was just browsing around at a Best Buy and side note had been taking an Animation class where I'd been using that same tablet for some days.  It was serendipity it was the last one in the store as they were discontinuing the model.  I loved it I took it home but I took awhile o really get into it but I loved it also I failed the animation class(combo of being baked in the restroom a lot and just being terrible at drawing also animation is some serious work and I can't concentrate on anything longing enough).

Anyways yeah moving on with some new instruments of awesome also who knows if I take this and create some awesome work because lately I've been filling a lul at art stuff.

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