Monday, February 13, 2012

Life Drawing

Here are a few this or that's from two semesters of Life Drawing, now truth be told there was way more of this crap some of it lost, in the trash, or garbage either way here's what I could find and or willing to share. Take note how meh this stuff is.

The Life Drawing classes I think were not in vain I tried my best to not be as awful at drawing people and I think I learned a lot from the classes, still a lot of room for improvement but I look back prior to the classes and its not as bad as before.

For what it was worth I thought I really became comfortable with myself and in part due to the guidance from the instructor, Eve Mathis she was awesome and if you have the chance to take a course she is offering take it she's great teacher.  Now I am aware how neurotic and my own worst critic besides a handful of people that have told me that my shit is straight up garbage or whatever I dunno I think I am getting better whatever... Ramblings of how awful I am or think I am will be lessened, hopefully.

Think positive, constructive criticism is welcomed.

This guy right here on the left and right, same dude although I took some liberties with second one because I am awful with pastels and colors also things got out of hand and I thought the drawing looked more like Bowie.

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