Monday, February 28, 2011

Bar and Grill

 Done while watching a Christan Bale film about a being a P.O.W. months prior.

 Hey ho internet blog I am dying(hyperbole you old son of a bitch I missed you) from being kinda ill or whatever and took sometime from being outta of it mentally and or physically to post a blog post.  Anyways this weekend I spent a lot of time at bars(against my will mostly) and well I had some time where in which I took out a small sketchbook out and doodled, which side note I've been getting into the habit of always carrying with me, even if I rarely actually use it.  Ok, I'm lost in this ramble I was gonna try to be coherent(why start now?) but I'm having a hard time staying alive right nows.\

Stuff Below done last Friday night in a dimly lit Mexican bar grill.

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