Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art Class Confidential

  Hey ho ole blog-o-d-ee blog and if stats prove true readers(?! huh, ok?) the last Fall/Winter I spent a my semester by taking classes at the community college level(because that "High" I.Q. of mine affords me many awesome opportunities like that) hoping to maybe run into the likes of Joel Mchale or Trudy from Mad Men.  Whelp that didn't happen but I did run into a guy that I thought was Spanish Professor Chang for a while... turns out I'm just a little racist; just kidding.  Any how's I took some art classes because I thought Fuck if I'm gonna kill time doing the school thang again might as well do something I likes and would take some interest in being less awful at. So amongst some of the class I took I spent some time in two art classes.

Beginning Drawing and Beginning Watercolor
 I never did Finish the one painting thingy on top...

Now I took these classes because, well I signed up for class last minute and they were a blast. I'm only really posting like a third of what I did... I don't really know where the rest of my stuff (3 or so other small paintings plus a shitty final project I've misplaced) went but am not to worried because it all was kinda whatever I guess. I learned that water colors are soothing and also rather unforgiving and that I still really suck at painting but hey maybe I suck at it a little less now than I did before I took the course.

Yeah I feel like I drew a lot of vegetables for a good while that class. Now that I think about it that's more or less all we did well no there was a point where we were using nibs which I've always sucked at but yeah pretty much drawing gourdes or pumpkins or whatever hmm.

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