Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vapid Somethings

I don't think anyone is harder on themselves as I am, not that my demeanor would show it but in my head I have these things I want to be able to meet and haven't.

Progress is something I can only really assume I'm making after some time has passed and I look at whatever gibberish I've written, drawn or etched on paper. Or I dunno sometimes I think maybe I know nothing and am just wasting time till I find something else worth while. Is any of this worthwhile? I'd say no I hate most of it but I detest some of it but I hope to find a gem in all this garbage.
I don't know what the hell it is I do and am ok with that I think.  Heck is everything some kinda inside joke or self deprecation for the humors sake or is everything that is ultimately me just a series of non sequiturs and idiosyncrasy with a habit of trying to be be more than... but really just stupid.


Why ramble on this way, am I really saying anything? I dunno I feel to obligated I guess.
One thing I do know is most of whatever this is lives in my head and ergo the title carries to this blog and whatever is on it carries some meaning and truths, or at least I hope it does.

Extra Junk ---->
(Old Paintings from late 08)

I now longer have either of this junk, found the pics of them in an old digtal camera I thought was lost. I kinda like 'em though. Go figure.

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