Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hey I'm not dead, just fyi nope not dead very much alive. Here's a quick doodle of Spidurman from the funny books truth be told I havent actively read a spidurman book in sometime perhaps when Eric Cante and Humberto Ramos where on it for art duty... maybe two years ago. I guess it hasnt been that long but I last really cared about Spiderman comics during most of the origianl run of Ultimate shit it might have been that free comic book day of issue 1 that got me stoked to read comics again. Also I think I got the first/ preview issue of Ultimate X-men at a monster truck show, which I A I was kid and was fun and B worked because I picked up that series for while. Wait where was I going with this? I dunno right now I'm just kinda typing away as if I were Jack Kerouac except i'm yammering on and on about nothing. Jeez what'evs

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