Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Done with my wacom tablet and sketchbook pro(not the latest update, is that any good?)

Yeah I should be doing something, as of lately it feels like I do not know what it is I do or why and for what reason do I do anything. I doubt if I really exist i mean I can think but that barely amounts to anything. But I digress nobody wants to read the sad diatribes of a nobody and yet here I am again doing that thing I do.

Yeah this was a doodle from this Sunday, really? Yeah that was a busy day for me I ran in a 10k, went to a car show for a quick sec with my cousins then a get together where there was some dope carne asada and bomb ass potato salad also I drank a Heineken, and some jack got faded rather quick due to well I don't drink anymore nor have the urge to plus like I hadn't refueled at that point. Either way go fuck yourself I guess.

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