Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teen Drama

Think any show that has ever been on CW, and there you have it my first book(comic) Teen Drama follows a bunch of high school kids but outside of hanging out by lockers or bleachers very little schooling happens... I dunno watch any episode of what are the kids watching these days? (kids more like creepy 40 somethings) One Tree Hill or Smallville minus all that comic book nonsense? ... Seriously? No I dunno yeah this comic is... new fuck that, thats seriously stupid even for me, I'm not doing that.  ???  No.

Also seriously when is the last time I wrote anything besides maybe 140 character limit incoherent babble of a schizophrenic? Jeez.

Go Fuck yourself, what do you want from me? A good idea maybe something that doesn't suck? Whelp go some where else person who accidentally stumbled on this mess of a blog, I don't know how to do that.

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