Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End of the World

(2011 is a tree?... Maybe.)

Hey ho world, hey ho world indeed anyhow well the year is almost up and I started wondering about this and that for a quick minute and on reflection I thought I'd leave my last sketch dump with some actual verbal substance since well let's be frank here I lack the skill to be coherent at all in this ole blog.

2010 for me has been filled with a lot shenanigans that were fun and some not so first off I started taking class at the local community college because I was tired of all that free time spent being unemployed and going on adventures somewhat drug filled what have yous outta strong yerning of wanderlust... I'm not Jack Kerouac I know that now. Anyhows I digress what the hell was that last sentence about again? I dunno anyways I've been getting some schoolin and have acquired some knowledge, Knowledge is power and my head can light a city equivalent of Las Vegas for days if not eons. Wait no, I mean I have some paintings, drawings, etc I'm a little hesitant to share right now but maybe down the road I'll post it or whatevs.

2010 wasn't all tea parties at a nobles place no somethings kinda sucked this year but It's an improvement from 09 and at the end of the day... or year I guess thats really all that matters. Stoked for a swell 2010... I mean 2011(I could go back and correct all this but fuck it let it roll as is)

See ya next year.

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