Saturday, September 11, 2010

lessons learned: In poorly inking

Now lets be honest here I make mistakes(really? you?... smart ass) and its most obvious after I give my self some time from something and reexamine it. Inking or the art of tracing over pencils is a sexy beast of art that I really like but make way too many mistakes in I could try to pass it off as my style but its apparent that I made some poor judgment calls and that there is lack in structure. It doesn't mean it's bed per se it just means more practice and knowing where and when to leave marks is key and maybe not just being a random scatter shot of lines will be awesome. In short some structure and proper technique is key I guess. till then more errors will continue to occur.

Well anyways so here some stuff scribbles.

Now I actually liked theses drawings flaws and all but I gonna try not to make the same mistakes again. Or maybe I never learn and continue with the same shit who knows.
Side notes been swamped with this and that but have drawn a crazy amount of doodles some bad some more so but have yet to get around to making sense of it all because honestly kinda overwhelmed with some stuff to devote some time to organizing. Hell my room is a mess with books I haven't read, supplies I bought but remain unused, and etc. I dunno maybe some more frequent blogging when I get around to it.

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