Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hijinx with the Flash

Being a San Jose native has its pluses and minuses on the upside its nice here, on the other its boring in semi-suburbia, anyways I digress and one of the biggest bummers for me is the lack of options in the fields of arts and comics well besides Hijinx Comics which quite honestly is the last awesome shop town. Anyways Hijinx threw out the gauntlet in the form of an art contest as seen above in the pic, well its safe to say I was intrigued and here is my submission. Fingers crossed I fair well in this because well I'm so darn insecure sometimes.
What I submitted:


What I omitted(failures and roughs):

This could have been what I'd submit but I wound up spilling ink on it. :(

And something Just for kicks:
Colors all done Digitally which I've never been very good at it, but coloring in virtual state takes away whatever fear I normally have in comparison to doing to venturing into watercolors or paints with a brush.

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