Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It came from... a notebook :: Bird Sining

so i have a really weird fear of bird i think it stems from a situation where i chased by a huge rooster(i could have said cock but im an adult and i need to stop doing dick and fart jokes this is serious) on my uncles plantation( it was really just a plot of land where he had miscellaneous farm animals but i like to exaggerate). This fear of all forms avian is one of my many weakness but im getting better about it still sometimes wake up in fear remembering another time where some giant vultures(or condors i have no idea they where huge) where stalking me in a dried up creek in Mexico i never ran that much in my entire life there where to many of them for comfort. i don't really wanna go into a full tirade about birds and why i fear them because i have work manna=/ but i might bring it up again.

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