I’m a real life person like the kind you sometimes see on the local news in the background walking by a reporter.



My Name is Favian pronounced like Avian if you jammed a F in front of it, awesome now that, that's outta the way I can go into the part of the auto-bio portion where folks usually start referring to themselves in the third person while gloating about all there amazing accomplishments and awards and whatever have you.

Favian is many things (for the sake of this autobio thing lets just roll with it) as Favian is probably best not never known for being the black guy from Genesis no wait that's not Favian at all. Huh, well then who the hell is Favian?

Favian is a guy who does things sorta, he is currently a student(some classes at the community college level counts I guess) with his background in arts so there's that. His art background is comprised of not being that awesome failing a lot and being kinda not very good. That guy I've been talking about, whats his name again? Whatever, he has been drawing his whole life except for a portion of his teens where that wasn't cool to do so. In a nutshell Favian is Favian.